Ways of Something
A project by Lorna Mills
Minute 12 for Ways of Something Episode 2
In collaboration with Annie Onyi Cheung

1 min

Exhibition History
2016 “Whitney Museum of American Art” NYC, NY; 2016 “HEK (House of Electronic Arts)” Basel, Switzerland; 2015 “Project Space six d.o.g.s.” Athens Greece; 2015 “Transmediale at The Canadian Embassy” Berlin, Germany; 2015 “The Photographers Gallery” London UK; 2015 “Western Front” Vancouver, BC; 2015 “Vivid Projects” Birmingham, UK; 2015 “SAW video” Ottawa, ON; 2014 “Transfer Gallery” Brooklyn, NY; 2014 “Gray Area + Technology” San Francisco; 2014 “PAF” Olomouc, Czech Republic